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You are about to learn the top 5 tips for dating Philippine women


Follow these top 5 tips when dating beautiful Filipinas and you will be pleasantly surprised at the warmth and beauty a Philippine lady will bring to your life. Here is tip number 5.

5. Chocolate and chaperones are expected

Your beautiful Filipina date will not really know you at first. Expect her to bring a chaperone on your first date. Bring lots of imported chocolate because your date will want to take some home for her family and friends. Don’t be stingy. The chaperone would like some too.

4. How old is she?

Filipina girls like to dress up, look sexy and pretend to be much older than they are. Many 16 year olds will pretend to be 18 for the purpose of dating a foreign man. Don’t do it. The law is strictly enforced when it comes to foreigners who want to date underage girls in Philippines.

It helps to look at her ID but those can be easily faked so check with her parents or guardian to be sure she is not just acting 18. Realize that many Philippine parents are so happy to have a handsome, rich foreigner in the family that they will go along with the act. Parental consent does not make it legal so be careful.

3. Not too much physical contact in public

Ladies in Philippines are careful to avoid gossip among their peers. When a foreign man starts holding hands with his date or putting his arm around her in public, that peer group will start gossiping that you are now courting that Filipina. Respect her in public and she will make you very happy in private.

2. Avoid bar girls

Foreign men like bar girls. They like the personality of a girl who will fall into your arms for only a few dollars. The bar girl will be whoever you need her to be, but only for a short time.

Bar girls are actresses. They will tell a sob story to entice you to give a larger tip. They will try to get you to fall in love with them so that you will come back and be a customer on your next trip.

Do not make the mistake of feeling you should ‘rescue’ a bar girl. Many have tried but few really want rescuing. She may come with you because she thinks you are rich, but she will leave you when she finds the lifestyle of a housewife is not as exciting as the life of a bar girl.

1. You are her greatest desire

Keep this number 1 tip in mind when dating a Filipina lady. You need to realize that you are handsome, mature, experienced, masculine and rich to the Philippine lady you are dating.

Some men will get self-conscious because the girls from Philippines are so beautiful, charming and popular. Don’t be one of those men. Act as if you are the best thing that ever happened to your Filipina lady because, in her mind you are.