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Why do ladyboys in Philippines go to dating sites and try to date straight foreign men?


Ladyboy Filipinos are males who try very hard to be ladies. Some go so far as to have a transgender operation to be as much a lady as possible. For reasons of their own they prefer to date a straight man who wants a girlfriend rather than a gay man who likes boys.

Are ladyboys gay?

Filipino ladyboys often date gay men, but in general they prefer foreign men who like girls. Transgenders in Philippines take extreme measures to hide their male features and be as feminine as possible. Their goal is to blend in as one of the girls. They would prefer to be considered female so the term gay is not accurate.

Unfortunately, many foreign men are misled by Filipino ladyboys on dating sites. The lie continues when they date in person and sometimes it is many months before the foreign man realizes he is dating a female impersonator. Alternatively, some foreign men are very happy dating a ladyboy in Philippines.

Why choose a Filipino Ladyboy?

A foreign man will date a Filipina online because she is beautiful, charming, sexy and passionate. Those same adjectives describe a lot of Filipino Ladyboys. A foreign man travels great distances across the ocean to meet his date. His friends are not near to tease him so it is a great opportunity to try dating a ladyboy.

A mature foreign man will choose to date an individual, not a stereotype. Consider your date’s personality, sense of humor, common interests, and life goals. Open your mind and increase your options. You just may find a Filipino ladyboy more suited to you than a traditional girl. ‘She’ will surely be thankful that you tried, and there is absolutely zero chance that she could trick you into thinking you got here pregnant.

Foreign Men Dating Lady-Boys in Phillipines

How can I find a ladyboy to date?

Ladyboys in Philippines like to hang out with the girls. You will find them on dating sites in the same place you would look for girls. You can find them in real life in the same clubs or malls that real Filipinas go.

Many Filipino Ladyboys try to pass as female so you may not realize their true gender from their picture and profile. Write on your profile that you are open minded to the prospect of a ladyboy if she is honest and straightforward. Then Filipino ladyboys will contact you.

Be a trendsetter. Date a Filipino ladyboy. It’s just a date!