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Why do Filipinas fall in love with foreign men so easily?


Foreign men who visit Philippines are quickly astounded by the smiling infatuation they receive from Filipina ladies. Why does this happen?

Foreign men are rich and important

You are a foreign man. Do you feel rich and important? Let’s assume that you are an average foreign man who wants to find your soul mate and settle down. A Filipina does not see you as average. She sees a man who can afford a wife. She sees a man who will treat her as the most important thing in his life. That means you are rich and important, to her.

Foreign men don’t stray

It is a fallacy to put all foreign men in the same category, but this is a stereotype that a Filipina believes. When a man is willing to cross the ocean to be with her it is natural for her to think you are a very special man. Philippine men are notorious for being Lotharios. Filipinas love their relationship partners and are unwilling to share. The concept of a foreign man traveling such a long distance, just for her, creates a romantic ideal of foreign men who don’t cheat. Help perpetuate the myth by marrying a Philippine lady and staying faithful to her.

Philippine family values

A Filipina’s family will welcome a foreign man who marries her. The class structure in Philippines is vague but the status of the family definitely rises when a foreigner joins the clan. Be prepared to help financially, when you can, because your new Philippine family will look to you for guidance and financial assistance.

Don’t feel obligated to solve all of her family’s financial problems but some help will usually be expected. Along with monetary obligations, you will be strongly encouraged to have children. It is the Philippine way. Children from the marriage of a Filipina with a foreign man are highly valued and spoiled with love.

What kind of relationship can a foreign man expect with a Filipina lady?

Almost all young, Filipina girls have a fantasy of marrying a foreign man. It is a romantic ideal that is perpetuated by Philippine culture. A foreign man will be treated so well in Philippines that many men never want to leave.

Not every relationship between a foreign man and a Philippine lady will result in a happy marriage. If your courtship is not working well then move on to another Filipina. You will never run out of willing dates in Philippines. Keep trying and you are guaranteed to eventually find the right Filipina lady for you.