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When you think of dating Asian women do you think of Philippines?


You really should put Filipinas high on your list of Asian women you would love to date. Girls from Philippines are a rare combination of Asian heritage mixed with some foreign features. Foreign men have been marrying Philippine women for generations. Their culture, and the Filipinas themselves, welcome foreign men to date and marry Philippine ladies.

Use online dating

Filipinas are fascinated with technology. Philippine ladies are seldom without their smart phone, camera and tablet. Facebook, Instagram and dating sites are their passions. Date online at all hours of the day and night. You may be surprised that your romantic Filipina honey will pick up her cell phone in the middle of the night just to chat with you.

Use web cams

Philippines must be the selfie capital of the world because Filipinas love to be in pictures and on videos. Use your web cam to ‘distance date’ a Filipina. Asian girls fantasize about visiting your country as much as you may fantasize about coming to Philippines to date your Filipina honey in person. Bridge the gap by video dating.

Meet in other countries

Do you want to visit Philippines? Perhaps you would be happier visiting Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong or Cambodia. Your Filipina friend can meet you there. Be prepared to help her with details like passport and plane tickets but Philippine women can travel to most places in Asia without a visa. This means you can travel to the counties you desire and still have the most desirable Asian woman at your side.

Filipinas love to travel. Taking your Philippine date to Thailand for a weekend will be the highlight of her life. What better way to make a first impression?

Relocation is fine

When you date an Asian woman you may wonder where the relationship will go. Filipinas believe in true, romantic love and are willing to go anywhere to fulfill that goal. Philippines is a wonderful place to live. If you, a foreign man, want to move to Philippines with your Filipina wife, it is easy to do. If you prefer to live in your own country then bring your Filipina wife with you. It is only a matter of paperwork. Thousands of happy Filipina girls relocate to other countries every month.

So take a chance. Date a Philippine woman. She will steal your heart.