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When you look at pictures of Filipina brides with foreign men you notice the new wife often looks much younger than her new husband


Philippine ladies are usually dainty and delicate of stature. This makes them appear much younger than they are. But even with their youthful good looks, it is true that age gaps between Philippine women and foreign men are very common.

Foreign men, who date Filipina ladies, are often quite proud of the fact that they can still attract such a youthful beauty. The Filipina girls are often equally proud that they can attract such a handsome, wealthy, mature foreign man. This mutual attraction is the basis for most age gaps between foreign men and Filipina girls. The other reason for age gaps is lack of concern. Age is just a number and Filipinas just don’t care how old you are.

Is there a ‘Correct Age Gap’?

If there is such a thing as a ‘correct age gap’ then it is up to you to find it. Decide what age of partner you want and you will find a woman in Philippines who is looking for a man your age. There are foreign men in their 70’s who retire in Philippines and marry girls in their 20’s.

You can also find young foreign men in their 20’s dating the same age of girl. Sometimes the young foreign men believe their youth is an advantage but, as they grow older, they learn that age doesn’t matter here.

To be more precise, age has significance but only in the way it affects other parts of the relationship. When a young Filipina wants children, she may find a 70 year old unable to father them. When a young Filipina already has children, she may find a 20 year old foreign man unable to accept another man’s kids. This is why it’s up to each couple to decide for themselves what the ‘correct age gap’ is.

When is a Filipina too young?

The legal age for a Filipina girl to date an older man is 18. It is a law that has been strictly enforced lately so learn it well. At 18 years of age a girl in the Philippines is legal for you to date.

You should be aware that much younger Filipinas will try to attract your attention. They know that it is the older man who will be in trouble if they are caught, not the young girl. This means it is up to you, the foreign man, to be sure the girl you want to date is at least 18.

A wise foreign man will only date Filipina ladies who are over 21. Why take chances with potentially underage girls? When the lady reaches 21 there are few people in Philippines who would care in the slightest who she wants to date.

In short

If you and your Filipina partner are happy with each other then don’t worry about your difference in ages.