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What is the fascination with white men that Philippine ladies seem to have?


Filipinas have a fascination with white skin. They use whitening lotion on their own skin and they look for white skin on their prospective dates. This is a huge bonus for foreign men with white skin. It means you will never have a problem finding a Philippine lady to date.

Are the interracial babies a problem?

Quite the opposite happens. A white skinned foreign man, who is willing and able to father babies, will have Filipinas getting in line to date him. They will even bring umbrellas to protect your white skin from the sun’s rays because lily white skin is so rare in Philippines. Once you are in a long term relationship with a Philippine lady you will feel constant pressure to make babies. When that happens, the children will be adored by the Philippine society in general and spoiled by your Filipina partner and her family.

Is a Filipinas choice of husband based solely on skin color?

Filipinas are not racist. When finding the perfect relationship, for her, the Philippine lady looks at all the factors. Money, age, health, location, and addictions of her potential foreign suitor are all considered. A Filipina sees all foreign men as handsome so that is not a factor. This means all foreign men, regardless of race or color are handsome, so race is not a factor.

Filipinas see pure white skin in the same way a foreign girl sees a deep brown tan. It’s a perk that they strive for but it does not make or break the relationship. Still, it sure is a nice perk for those foreign men who happen to have very white skin.

Are all Filipinos attracted to white skin?

Even male Filipinos find white skinned foreign ladies to be very attractive. White skinned foreign ladies often come to Philippines to marry hard working Filipino men. Philippine movies and television all feature pale skinned actresses and actors. These entertainers go to excessive means with makeup and skin treatments to keep their skin white.

Average people in Philippines cover up with coats and scarfs and long pants on hot days to avoid exposure to the sun’s rays and thus skin darkening. They find it hard to understand when a foreign, white man goes for a walk in the mid-day sun wearing only shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

So if you are a white skinned man, looking to date a Philippine lady, what are you waiting for? She’s waiting for you now!