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Should foreign men date multiple Filipinas at the same time?


It is common to see foreign men dating more than one Filipina at a time. This does not mean two or more girls go to dinner with him at once. He may take one lady to lunch and have another date by supper time. Is this the ethical thing to do? What effect will this have on your attempt to find true love?

Filipinas do it

When a Filipina is chatting online with you, a foreign man, it is likely she is still dating other men. Philippines culture is pro marriage. A Filipina girl will have a vision of marriage from the moment she first starts chatting with you.

Of course she cannot be sure that dating you will lead to marriage so when another man asks if she is single, she will say ‘yes’ and begin chatting with him also. Some Filipina girls will date only one man if that man says is looking for a wife. Others will chat with you even while they are living with someone else, if they believe their current relationship is going nowhere.

How many girls should you date at once?

There is no rule on how many girls you should date at once so you need to ask yourself if you are looking for marriage or just enjoy dating. There is a difference between dating and courting. Courting is a serious attempt at a marriage relationship and multiple partners are discouraged. Dating is the process of finding the girl you want to court.

Don’t tell your Filipina date if you are dating other girls. She may ask, but she really does not want to know. She only wants to be sure that you will be faithful to her if and when the relationship progresses to marriage. A Filipina will ask you if you are dating other girls to find out who her competition is and to ‘guilt’ you into dating her exclusively.

What is the end result of dating multiple Filipinas?

In the end you will know for sure you have picked the right lady for you. As a foreign man, new to Philippines, you need to learn the Filipina ways, expectations and culture. Multiple Filipina dating will expose you to more experiences so you will learn faster.

Don’t get stuck in an exclusive relationship with the wrong Filipina. There are many beautiful Philippine girls looking for foreign men. Date enough of them to be sure and find one who is right for you.