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What is the fascination with white men that Philippine ladies seem to have?

Filipinas have a fascination with white skin. They use whitening

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You are about to learn the top 5 tips for dating Philippine women

Follow these top 5 tips when dating beautiful Filipinas and you will

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Why do ladyboys in Philippines go to dating sites and try to date straight foreign men?

Ladyboy Filipinos are males who try very hard to be ladies. Some go

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Some Filipinas make their living from online dating scams in Philippines

Dating scams in Philippines are about separating the foreign man from

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How does a foreign man find a Filipina bride online?

There are many dating sites advertising Filipina brides. Ladies from

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Why do Filipinas fall in love with foreign men so easily?

Foreign men who visit Philippines are quickly astounded by the

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Should foreign men date multiple Filipinas at the same time?

It is common to see foreign men dating more than one Filipina at a

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When you think of dating Asian women do you think of Philippines?

You really should put Filipinas high on your list of Asian women you

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What does courtship mean in the Philippines? How is it different from just dating?

When a foreign man dates a Filipina he seldom realizes when the

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